I love using Technology (Smart Farming) and the natural materials available (RoofTwoRoots) to bring about a positive difference in my community. I believe that the true purpose of education is to implement the gained knowledge to solve the problems plaguing the world. Keeping in mind this mission of social entrepreneurship, I have launched 2 startup ventures, one of which is currently under the mentorship of the CFO and executive director of PayTM. 

Smart Farming – A Crop Output Prediction Model New Delhi, May 2019 – Present

● Surveyed 38 farmers and designed a model to predict crop outputs, by considering variables like weather/climate, land area, crop type, soil type,
seasonality and nourishment provided to the crops (eg. fertilizer use, irrigation techniques).
● Used Machine Learning techniques like Regression and Random Forest.
● Using this model, farmers can decide beforehand, which factors to change (amongst those that are under their control) to match their target yield.

Foundation For Young Innovators (FYI) –  Smart Farming has been selected in the top 10 submissions across the country by FYI. As a result, I got an opportunity to pitch this idea to prominent Indian investors like C-suite executives of companies like PayTM, Airtel and MakeMyTrip. I am now receiving mentorship and funding from the CFO and Executive Director of PayTM to expand my idea! Further, I have also been given a Coursera Scholarship of 5 courses (300$) for both my idea and the model. 

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Roof2Roots- A self-created rain-water harvesting cum filtration unit New Delhi, April 2018 – Oct 2018

Collaborated with the Sarvodaya Vidyalaya school on a project on water conservation.
● Used natural materials like Corn Cob, bark of trees, charcoal etc. to build the complete working model
● Through the scaling up of this project, 10,000 litres of water can be stored and used during the rainy season.
● Planted 12+ different plants using purified and oxygenated water from the Roof2Roots model.
● Sensitised 65 percent of the students and staff members.

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