Gautam Anand

Gautam Anand

Gautam Anand is a young, energetic, and enthusiastic school-going boy from New Delhi. Currently studying in Sanskriti School, Gautam has taken deep interest and even excelled in a variety of disciplines that makes him an ‘all-rounder’.

An academically strong kid, Gautam Anand has avid interests in areas like Data Science and Mathematics. He wants to pursue a career in Data Science and bring about a positive change in his life and around him through it.

Just like any another exuberant young man, Gautam Anand has plenty of hobbies that, he believes, will stay with forever. Playing and watching cricket, working with Data Science, doing Research works, blogging, participating in debates and social works are just a few of them. If you don’t find Gautam Anand going about his curricular activities or attending schools or lectures, you’ll surely find him pursuing his hobbies that are close to his heart.

Gautam Anand has excelled in all his academic endeavors. He was declared ‘Champion’ in Brainobrainfest – the 19th National Abacus Competition in 2011 and went on to complete 9 levels of Skill Development Program of Brainobrain in the very next year. In 2013, he participated in International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) and National Science Olympiad (NSO). His interest in astronomy led him to graduate as an amateur astronomer (Level 1) with SPACE’s Astronomy for Beginners module.

2015 and 2016 saw Gautam Anand winning several awards in academics. During this period, he was also selected to participate in the Inter-School Maths Competition of Ramanujam Society of Born Mathematicians. This competition was held at Modern School. In the same year, he passed with Merit (87%) the guitar grade 1 exam from Rock School, London. In class 7th and 8th, he also won ‘Excellence in Academics’ awards. His keen interest in physics helped him secure the 1st place in the inter-school physics treasure-hunt that was held at Sanskriti School.

Besides winning several accolades, Gautam Anand has participated in several prestigious programs, including Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Program where he did a course in ‘Mathematical Puzzles and Games’. In the same year, in 2017, he won the Verbal Mention award at SHISMUN. Academically, 2017 was also a fruitful year for this young prodigy as he won ‘Sarvochch Puruskar’ on account of getting the perfect CGPA of 10. His proficiency in subjects, including Science, Maths, Social Science, Hindi, and English during this period was commendable. Also, as a delegate of Iran in the committee WHO, he secured the Honorable Mention award at INTRA SMUN.

In 2018, while Gautam Anand was in class 10th, he secured the Excellence prize for securing 90% and above grades. This year also saw him attending a course in ‘Graph Theory’ at Michigan Math and Science Scholars Program. Also, at Nehru Planetarium, in the same year, he participated in a talk on ‘The Story of Helium’. His participation in the Design-thinking Workshop that was organized by Mahattattva and The Ardee School was also noteworthy in the same year.

Gautam Anand also has interned at Sunali’s Classes in Data Entry while he was still in Sanskriti School. The internship program was arranged in association with Internshala. That’s not all, the prodigal kid also has carried out quite a few research activities and the recognition for the same has come in the form of prestigious certificates. Some of the research works he has been a part of include, Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) from the University of Michigan, Entrepreneurship 2: Launching your Start-Up from Wharton University of Pennsylvania, Game Theory from Stanford University and the University of British Columbia, SW47x: Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies from Harvard X, and many others.

Gautam Anand achievements do not end here. He has completed numerous projects successfully and has received certificates above their completion. One such project was a workshop on Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence that was organized by ROBOTech Labs at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He has also participated in a workshop of Design-Thinking that was organized by Mahattattva and The Ardee School, New Delhi.

Gautam Anand Brief Description:-

If there is one word that can describe a young lad like Gautam Anand, then it has to be – Genius. A product of Sanskriti School, New Delhi, Gautam is passionate about studies, sports, and several extra-curricular activities that he engages himself regularly. It is not possible to talk about this lad without mentioning his love and passion for mathematics and computer science. An avid learner, he wishes to pursue a career in Data Science in the future. In doing so, he wishes to use data and numbers for bringing a change of positivity around him.

It is common to have school-going kids to have different hobbies that they pursue in their free time. In this regard, Gautam Anand is no different. He has developed quite a few hobbies that he wishes to remain with him forever. Some of these hobbies include but not limited to perform different operations with numbers, solving all kinds of mathematical puzzles, and playing and watching sports, especially cricket. That’s not all; Gautam is also an avid blogger. His interest in writing on topics like Data Science has helped him look at real-life problems from a different perspective and handle them effectively. The avid writer in him has also helped him discuss more and more with people about various problems that plague our everyday lives.

There is another facet to Gautam’s personality. This is all about his leadership skills. His vast experience of participating in different internship programs and leading teams at school has helped him take on responsibilities at various levels. It is this experience that has helped him realize that leadership and work-ethics are important if one were to realize the full potential in all disciplines of life.

Besides blogging and engaging in data science and research works, Gautam Anand loves participating in debates, sports activities, social work, and reading. His active participation and love for these things have helped him win several accolades over the years.

The talent and the zeal to succeed at every level have enabled Gautam Anand to win several prizes during his student years. For example, Gautam Anand completed all 9 levels of Programs. In 2014 , Guatam Anand He participated in many competitions and he is brilliantly in his academic career. The Young Guys Gautam Anand has secured prizes in different fields such as technology, science etc.

Gautam has been a practical kid right from the beginning. Also, as a part of his research activities, he has earned several course certificates that are sure to help in his future endeavors.

Gautam does not need an introduction as a sportsperson. He has participated and won several competitions, both at school and university levels across several disciplines. In 2017, he completed the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes in Mathematical Puzzles and Games and the same was held at Stanford University. He has also won several awards and trophies for winning in inter-house competitions at his school. Be it cricket, chess, badminton, or table tennis, Gautam has excelled in all of them. He also attended Cricket-Summer Camp that was organized by the TENVIC – Vidya Jain Public School, Rohini in 2015.

Given such incredible achievements across several disciplines at such a young age, one can be sure that Gautam Anand has a bright future ahead of him. He is a talented, skillful, and hard-working kid and one can be hopeful of him doing great things in the years ahead.

Gautam Anand  Research Activities :-  Gautam Anand has done research on technologies and He earns many certificate in regarding this. The Certificates earn by him are follows as:-

  • Programming for Everybody ( Getting started with Python) :- Gautam Anand has successfully completed Programming  For Everybody an online non-credit course recognized by University of Michigan offered through coursea.
  • Certificate of Achievement:- Gautam Anand has successfully completed  and receiving passing trade in 1x: Statistics and R a course of study offered by Harvard X, Harvard University.
  • Entrepreneurship 1: Developing the opportunity:- Gautam Anand has successfully completed Entrepreneurship 1 an online non-credit course authorized by University of Pensiulyar offered through Coursera.
  • Best Certificate of Achievement:- Gautam Anand has successfully completed and receiving a passing grade in SW47x: Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies a course study offered by HarvardX, an online learning  initiative of Harvard University Through edx.
  • Course Certificate:- Gautam Anand has successfully completed Game Theory an online non-credit course recognized by Stanford university and The University of British Columbia and offered through Coursera.
  • Division of Continuing Education:- Gautam Anand has successfully completed Work Smarter, Not harder: Time Management for Personal and Professional Productivity an online non-credit course recognized by University of California, Irvine and offered through Coursera.
  • Certificate of Achievement:- Gautam Anand has successfully received a passing trade in DS101x: Data Science Ethics a course study offered by MichiganX, an online learning imitative of the University of Michigan through edx.

Gautam Anand Internship:-  Gautam Annad has done internship work in many institutes and company that are follows as:-

  • Sarthak Prayas:- Gautam Anand works as Volunteer from period 4 June 2018 to 31 August 2018 at New Delhi.
  • Jaipur Golden Hospital:- Gautam Anand has done internship in medicine during 20 October 2018 to 24 November 2018 at New Delhi.
  • Magppie Kitchen:- Gautam Anand works as intern from 2 May 2019 to 2 July 2019 at New Delhi.

Gautam Anand Achievements:-

  • TOEFL Certificate: – Gautam Anand successfully completed TOEFL ( Test of English as a Foreign Language) with best scores.
  • NIIT Certificate of Participation:- Gautam Anand has attended a 3 credit course titled  Programming with Python for Data Sciences .
  • Certificate of Participation:- Gautam Anand has earns Digital India Certificate by Participating in IDEAT For India- Creative solution using Technology.
  • Launch X:- Gautam Anand has successfully completed in LaunchX: Becoming an Entrepreneur a course study offered by MITx, an online learning initiative of the Masschusetts Institute of Technology through edx.
  • Certificate of participation:- Gautam anand Participating in Scottish High International School Model United Nations 2017.

If you think Gautam Anand is only into academics then you’re sorely wrong. His extra-curricular activities are equally impressive. The young lad is a sports enthusiast just like any other kid of his age-group. He not only participates in a variety of sports events but also has displayed consistent results. The avid cricketer in him has helped him win several trophies in the Inter-House Cricket Tournaments that were held in New Delhi. Besides cricket, Gautam Anand has also excelled in other sports, including Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, and others. Several certificates of merits that he has won recently are a testimony of his perseverance, skill, and passion.

Gautam Anand has also participated in several school debates and has excelled in them. His love and passion for guitar have helped him win several accolades in this field too! In December 2015, he cleared Grade 1 – Electric Guitar from RSL. In the following year, he cleared Grade 2 – Rock & Pop Guitar exam with distinction from Trinity College, London. He even worked as a volunteer for Bhartiya Netraheen Kalyan Parishad in helping visually challenged girls read and write during the period 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017.
A keen blogger, Gautam Anand has also contributed to his all-round development through blogging on various topics, including Data Science, AI, and many more. His blogs reflect his research skills and passion for the topics on which he blogs. He is one young student that believes in bringing about a change around him through his writings. If the information and writing skills of his are anything to go by; one can expect him to achieve his dreams with effortless ease.
Given his passion, energy, and perseverance in just about everything he indulges in; it is not hard to figure out that Gautam Anand has a bright future ahead of him. Be it academics or sports, debates or social works, music or reading, he has done it all at such a young age. His achievements have been something other students would do well to follow or emulate. He is indeed a star of Sanskriti School and his parents.