Gautam Anand History


A student of Sanskriti School, New Delhi; Gautam Anand has had a rich history that one can’t look into it and stop praising. The reason is simple. The young boy is not just academically sound, but also brilliant in all other disciplines, including sports, extra-curricular activities, social work, etc. He has deep-rooted interests in areas like computer science and mathematics. He also has a wish of pursuing a career in Data Science once he grows up. And he intends to use his knowledge and interest in numbers to bring about a positive change around him.

The history of Gautam Anand can be traced back from 2011 when he was declared ‘Champion’ by Brainobrainfest in the 19th National Abacus Competition organized by them. In the very next year, he completed Brainobrain’s 9 levels of Skill Development Program. These achievements were just the beginning of the illustrious student career of this young student. The successive years saw the best of young Gautam. In 2013, he participated in the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) and National Science Olympiad (NSO).

In 2014, he completed the Beginners module of Astronomy with SPACE and graduated from it as an Amateur Astronomer. He even secured a prize for ‘Excellence in Academics’ in 2015 while he was in class 7th. During this period, his performances in several subjects, including Mathematics, Hindi, French, Social Science, and Science were truly outstanding. Also, as a part of the Inter-School Maths Competition held at Modern School, Gautam was selected to participate in the same. The competition was Ramanujam Society of Born Mathematicians. His love for music and musical instruments is well-known. It is this interest and passion that helped him successfully clear guitar grade 1 with 87% from Rock School London. In the same year, in the Street-Play House Competition that was held at Sanskriti School, Gautam Anand won 2nd position.

The year 2016 too had been momentous for Gautam Anand. A class 8th student now, he continued to excel in all subjects like Mathematics, Science, Hindi, French, and Social Studies. In all these subjects, he secured prizes. In the same year, he participated in the Times NIE Think and Learn Challenge and cleared the First Round. On account of this feat, he got qualified for the City Finals. In Sanskriti School, in the inter-house physics treasure hunt, he also secured the 1st prize. If you think this is all he achieved this year, then you’re wrong. He cleared guitar grade 2 with 90% (distinction) in Rock and Pop. The exam was conducted by the Trinity School of London. Gautam Anand was also a delegate in the African Union committee where he secured a prize in INTRA SMUN for submitting the Best Position Paper.

The trend of winning prizes and accolades for Gautam continued through 2017. In class 9th by now, the lad secured prizes of ‘Sarvochch Puruskar’ for excellence in various subjects, like Hindi, English, Social Science, Mathematics, and Science. He got this prize on account of scoring a perfect CGPA of 10 (out of 10). In the same year, he pursued a course in ‘Mathematical Puzzles and Games’ as a part of the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Program. He was also a delegate of UK in the UNCHR committee at SHISMUN and secured the Verbal Mention award. As a delegate of Iran in the WHO committee, he also got the Honorable Mention award at INTRA SMUN.

In 2018, Gautam attended a talk at the Nehru Planetarium on the topic ‘The Story of Helium’. A class X by now, he got the Excellence Prize for the year 2017-2018 for scoring 90% and above. He was also among the chosen few to participate in a workshop called ‘Design-thinking’ and the same was organized by Mahattattva and The Ardee School. He also pursued a course in ‘Graph Theory’ through the Michigan Math and Science Scholars Program in the same year.

It is not just the academics; Gautam has excelled in other disciplines too. For example, he got selected to work as a Data Entry intern at Sunali’s Classes in 2018. For this, he did get a Certificate of Selection from the organization’s founder and CEO, Sarvesh Agrawal.

It is not possible to stop talking about this prodigy’s history without mentioning various courses he has been a part of. From the University of Michigan, for example, he got a course certificate for completing ‘Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)’. That’s not all, for completing the course on ‘Entrepreneurship 2: Launching your Start-Up’, he got a course certificate from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. He has won several such recognitions from established organizations like Stanford Online, Harvard Business School, and the University of California, Irvine Extension.

As a sportsperson too, Gautam Anand has had a remarkable track record. Be it cricket or badminton, chess or table tennis, he has excelled in all of them. Various certificates of merit he has achieved are a testimony for his excellence in sports.