Gautam Anand Biography


Some kids are good at academics and some kids excel in sports only. However, Gautam Anand, a product of Sanskriti School, New Delhi, excels in almost all disciplines of student life. Be it studies, sports, or extra-curricular activities, Gautam has been leading the way all through. Just like any other kid of his age, Gautam has his favorites. He loves playing cricket and exploring the world of Data Science. It is this interest that has helped him solve many problems surrounding real-life and create a positive atmosphere around him.

Academic wise, Gautam Anand has been brilliant right from the word go. In 2011, for example, he was declared ‘Champion’ by Brainobrainfest in the 19th National Abacus Competition they held that year. In the following year, he completed all 9 levels of Skill Development Program that was conducted by Brainobrain. In 2013, he participated in the prestigious IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) and NSO (National Science Olympiad), 2011. His interest in science saw him graduate as an Amateur Astronomer with Space when he completed level 1 in 2014.

The year 2015 too was special for Gautam Anand as he continued to excel in academics. In fact, during this year, he secured prizes for excellence in various subjects, including Hindi, Social Science, Mathematics, French, and Science. While still in class 7th, Gautam also secured a prize for ‘Excellence in Academics’. In Sanskriti School, he won 2nd position for the Street-Play House competition. Music-wise too, 2015 was good for Gautam. In the same year, he successfully cleared guitar grade 1 with 87% (Merit) from Rock School London. Gautam’s proficiency in Maths came to the fore when he was selected for Ramanujam Society of Born Mathematicians’ Inter-School Maths competition that was held at Modern School.

While in class 8th, in 2016, Gautam Anand won the prize for ‘Excellence in Academics’. In the same year, he cleared the first round and got qualified for the City Finals of the ‘Times NIE Think and Learn Challenge’. He also participated in the physics treasure-hunt that was held at Sanskriti School and won 1st position.

His academic excellence continued through 2017 during which he secured an overall CGPA of 10 and won prizes for excellence in various subjects, including Social Science, Science, Hindi, English, and Mathematics. Also, as a delegate of the UK in committee of UNCHR at Shismun, Gautam secured the Verbal Mention award. During the same year, he attended a course in ‘Mathematical Puzzles and Games’ that was a part of the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Program. More recently, in 2018, Gautam attended a talk on ‘The Story of Helium’ at the Nehru Planetarium. Academically too, this was a good year for him as he secured 90% and above for the year 2017-18. He also actively participated in the course ‘Graph Theory’ as a part of the Michigan Math and Science Scholars Program.

Gautam also has experience interning with organizations of repute. He interned with Sunali’s Classes in Data Entry in 2018. His work experience is not just limited to internships. He has completed several course certificates with prestigious universities, like the University of Michigan, Harvard University, Wharton University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, the University of British Columbia, and the University of California.

Gautam’s passion for everything practical saw him participate successfully in various projects. One such participation was in a workshop on Machine Learning & AI with ROBOTech Labs, Delhi that was held at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 2018. He also participated in the Design-Thinking Workshop that was organized by Mahattattva and the Ardee School, New Friends Colony, New Delhi in 2018.

Even in extra-curricular activities, Gautam has been leading all the way through. Be it sports or guitar playing, reading or participation in debates, Gautam has been active and has excelled in each one of them. His love and passion for cricket are evident in various trophies and certificates he has won in that discipline. He has also won several prizes in Badminton, Table Tennis, and others. He has also completed the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes in Mathematical Puzzles and Games that was held at Stanford University in 2017.

An all-rounder student like Gautam Anand cannot be left behind when it comes to doing something to the society. It is the passion to help the needy that prompted this young kid to work as a volunteer with Bhartiya Netraheen Kalyan Parishad in helping out the visually challenged girl students with reading and writing in 2017. To go with all these good qualities, Gautam is also an avid blogger. He loves to blog on various topics of his interest like Data Science.

Looking at the path taken by Gautam, it is quite evident and one can be hopeful that this kid will go places in whichever field he chooses going forward. The positivity and talent in him will ensure he has a bright future.