Hi, I’m Gautam Anand and I am a student of Sanskriti School, New Delhi. My core academic interests lie in Mathematics and Computer Science. Going forward, I am keen on pursuing the field of Data Science and eventually being able to use numbers and data to bring about positive changes around me.


In my time as a school-going student, I have developed some hobbies that are bound to stay with me forever. These include playing and watching the sport of Cricket (which I must admit first exposed me to the world of Data Science with its heavy use of visualisations and graphs to model real-time game scenarios best), solving Mathematics puzzles and even trying to come up with new ways to perform simple operations on numbers. I also enjoy writing articles on topics that excite me and I feel should be discussed with more and more people (and while we’re at it, don’t forget to check out my blog!).


Furthermore, having experienced certain positions of responsibility like leading teams at school and interning at companies, I strongly feel that work-ethics and leadership are all about realising the potential impact of one’s actions and then performing them with utmost sincerity. Finally, I believe that our lives are defined by small moments and situations and that one who manages to conquer them is bound to succeed in life. (Ever heard of Carpe Diem?)

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